The new bilingual complete method of Ancient Greek Lyre

1. Works by Greek Composers for Trumpet CD

A CD containing works, specially composed for Nikos Xanthoulis. Efi Papathomaidou and Dionysis Mallouhos at the piano accompaniment while Kostas Vorissis has contributed with his percussion instruments in one piece. It was the first Greek disc for trumpet worldwide.

Περιλαμβάνονται τα ακόλουθα έργα:

1. Nikos Xanthoulis: “Fantasy for Trumpet”

2. Babis Kanas: “Suite for Trumpet and Piano”

3. Dimitris Michailides: “Duo for Trumpet and Piano”

4. Nikos Xanthoulis: “Idio-rhythmia for Trumpet and percussion

5. Jannis Drositis: «The Concertino of the Reasonable War»

6. Minas Alexiadis: “Halkinoos”

7. Ioannis Kalogherakis: “The Falling Angel”

8. Theodore Antoniou: “Evocation”

2. An Anthology of Compositions by Nikos Xanthoulis CD

An anthology of Compositions by Nikos Xanthoulis the following works included: 1. Euphonia for trumpet, guitar, violin and double bass  2. Fantasy for Trumpet and Paino 3.  Sonata for cello and piano. The piece was interpreted for first time at  the Festival of  Troy (Turkey)  by Sedef Ercetin (Cello) and Maria Papapetropoulou (piano) 4. Two parts from the children’s opera “The Tear of the Moon” commissioned by the Greek National Opera 5. Three parts from the children’s opera “The Selfish Giant” based on the tale of Oscar Wilde commissioned by the Kalamata Municipal Theatre (35 presentations in the artistic season of 1999-2000) 6. Orchestral Suite for Symphonic Orchestra 

3. "Plural" Kiki's Dimoula poetry set in music by Nikos Xanthoulis CD

February 2002, Kiki Dimoula (well reknown Greek poetess, laureated by the European Union 2010) recited pieces of her poetry at the Conservatory of Kalamata. In this event, full of intensity and emotion, Nikos Xanthoulis presented his music on the verses of the great poetess by the title “Plural” (Plythintikos Arithmos).The CD reproduces that marvelous evening. The recordings have been done in the studios of the Swedish State Radio of Vesteras. Sofia Michailides offers the talent of her voice in a concussive interpretation. The orchestra is consisted by violin, accordion, guitar, piano, double bass and trumpet.

4. The Selfish Giant CD

A music tale for symphonic orchestra, children’s choir, two singers and recitation based on the tale of Oscar Wilde. The book – CD was a best seller of the Kedros Edition for many years, recorded in Montréal (Canada). The CD has been edited 4 times till now 

5. Happy Prince CD

A music tale for symphony orchestra, two singers and recitation. It is prepared the second edition. Recitation by the greatest Greek actress: Anna Synodinou

6. Giant's Assilaba Delassy TRILOGY (1). The Giant's Star CD

A tale for children of any age by Marivita Grammatikaki set in music by Nikos Xanthoulis. The cd includes the recitation with penetrated with songs. A string quartet, from the Greek National Opera, accompanies the greatest singers of our Opera. This music tale was a part of the GNO educational program “From the Lyre to the Lyric Song”. 

7. Giant's Assilaba Delassy TRILOGY (2). The Island of Joy CD

The sequel of the previous music tale by Marivita Grammatikaki with her lyrics set in music by Nikos Xanthoulis. 

8. Giant's Assilaba Delassy TRILOGY (3). The King's Heart CD

The third and last part of the trilogy with the adventures of the giant Assilamba Delassy

9. Kymothoi's Journey CD

A musical fairy tale that evokes ancient Greek culture, its everyday life and treasures, while familiarizing children with the science of archaeology by the archaeologist Dr. Evy Papadopoulou The Music takes children and adults alike on a journey to Greek culture through the melodies of the seven-stringed ancient Greek lyre. 

10. Magic Violin CD

On the occasion of “European Opera Days”, opera houses throughout Europe invited all those who want to be initiated into the magical world of opera. For the 5th year in a row, this celebration continues to bring together European opera houses, highlighting their common passion for this art and their desire to transmit it to their visitors. This year, the focus is on “Young Ears”: children and young people!

On 7 and 8 May 2011, Greek National Opera presented The Magic Violin, an operatic introduction to opera for children and adults specially composed for the European Opera Days by Nikos Xanthoulis (music) and Marivita Grammatikaki (libretto). The opera was presented also during the 2011-2012 artistic season

11. The Winterhouse CD

A sweet tale by Dimitris Kassaras with his lyrics, set in music by Nikos Xanthoulis 

12. Orpheus's Lyre CD

CD The revival of the ancient Greek Lyre technique after 1600 years of silence. Nikos Xanthoulis presents 12 pieces for solo seven chord lyre

Tribute to Astor (Piazzolla) CD

The Quartet “Euphonia” by Nikos Xanthoulis is included in the CD “Tribute to Astor Piazzolla” published by the Editions Pagani in Milano.
Participation with the work "Euphonia"

"Metamorphosis" for cello and piano CD

Sedef Ercetin, cello (Turkey) and Maria Papapetropoulou, piano (Greece) include the 2nd part of Xanthoulis’ Suite for Cello in a collective CD published in Istanbul.

"Melos Brass" plays Works by Greek Composers CD

Music For Brass Quintet, AGORA’©1999
 Babis Kanas: Brass Quintet Op.7 (1985)  Nikos Xanthoulis: Choro-Chronos I (1987)  Yorgos Minas: Fimonoi (1995)  Michalis Adamis: Paga Laleousa (1992)  Minas Alexiadis: Three Dorian Contours (1992)  Savvas Zannas: Brass Quintet No.1 (1991) Recorded July1997 in Athens, Greece by Quintetto «MELOS BRASS

"Nevolution" corno da caccia: Michael Tunnell CD

Trumpeter Michael Tunnell left a legacy of recorded music from his 40-year career, before passing away in 2016. One of his last projects was: recording a CD of music written for him and an instrument he championed, the Corno da caccia. “nevolution” features works written for him by his colleagues and friends, which Tunnell summarizes in the liner notes when he says the project, “…is all about friendship and music making…” Nikos Xanthoulis has composed the sixth piece with the title: Catch the time

Choral works by Greek Composers for Children CD

Children’s songs by the father of the Greek National Compositional School: Manolis Kalomiris, Pericles Koukos and Nikos Xanthoulis
Participation with 5 songs from the children's operas: Selfish Giant and Happy Prince

"Switch" by Galan Trio CD

Participation with the work: "Piano Trio"
The Galan trio says: <The idea of “Switch” has come after the Portuguese composer Vasco Pereira, composed a piece for the Galan Trio. “Terra de Mar” travelled to Greece in 2015 and then we thought: “How nice would it be if we could ask composers to compose for us!” That was it! Thomas Bramel (USA), David Haladjian (Switzerland – Armenia), Vincent Kennedy (Ireland), Harald Weiss (Germany) and Nikos Xanthoulis (Greece) loved our idea and here we are, presenting “Switch”!>

Ancient Greek Lyre Learning Method BOOK

Tecnhe Mousikes BOOK

Cleonides, Aristoxenus and Bellermann's Anonymi on Music, translated in modern Greek by Nikos Xanthoulis with an extended introduction tracing the roots of Ancient Greek Music

Breathing Technique BOOK

A study of the breathing technique for wind players and singers

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